What is a micro-lecture?

  • A micro-lecture is a SHORT video recording intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject
  • It includes one or a combination of the following
    • Video / image of the presenter
    • Power point or other type of text / file
    • Audio
    • User controls to play, pause and stop
 Micro Lectures can be used:

Before class
  • Introduce a topic for discussion 
  • Raise awareness on a topic or issue
  • Inspire with a story or idea
  • Present images, provoke curiosity and inquiry
  • Explain or clarify a reading 
After class
  • Follow up on a topic that was inquired in class and you did not have class time to cover, or was not part of the class conversation. 
  • Reach students when they need clarification or explanation
  • Help with problem solving
  • Extend on a topic, add news about it
  • Relate a topic to current or other events (newspaper stories, happenings, books, people)
 The short and quick micro-lecture gives the instructor the opportunity to show that
  • You are there for the students, 
  • You hear or know about their problems or concerns
  • You are following up on something they are worried about in the middle of the week  / semester
  • You  can acknowledge class work and not just micro-lecture about class notes
  • You can go beyond the lecture
  • You can share a story 

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